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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Colour FTW.

I've been into white-on-white and black on black(Murdered out) cars for a long time now. The Astra Nurburgring edition was the insperation behind my previous car my Corsa D.

But recently I'm really feeling neon, The green wheels on the accord and the miss-match paint on the civic work so well. High contrasting yet they could easily be daily drivers.

The RAYS Wheels on the RX7 are seriously hardcore. Maybe a bit too lairy for a daily driver on the streets?? There's only one way to find out. Within a few days my tyres should be arriving then its off "the wheel specialists" for my alloys they'lll be returning in a neon yellow flavour.
Which will either look absolutely nails or I may be licking windows on the fail bus. Only time will tell.

After searching for a full day on eBay I've also found some spacers. 1.25 inch - about 31mm for the rear. will be ordering these at the end of the month.
So Next month the Celica should be looking flush as hell with the fitment right. Then its suspension time.....

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