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Monday, 19 July 2010

Rotary Power

Yes, After losing interest in my underpowered FWD Celica,
Got myself a Mazda RX8 231Ps (227bhp)
Just getting used to the FMR setup. Love the Rotary Power 9500 Rpm is awesome!
Here are a few images then some specs,

Wheel Specs,
Rims - OEM RX8 5 spoke, 18*8j et50
Tyre - Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18

The wheel and tyre setup seems pretty stable, although the back can skip a little on launch, a staggered setup should improve this.
Proposed future set up
Rims - Front, 19*8.5j, Rear 19*9.5j
Tyre - Front, 225/35/19 Rear 255/35/19

Have been looking at these Riviera wheels,

They fit the specs and have 2.5inch lip front and 3.5inch lip rear with an offset of 35, these should give the car a much more aggresive stance, Possibly may look a little VIP too.
For Track Days ill probably be looking at some "Time attack" style 5 or 6 spokes like Advans.

First few things to car, gave it a good clean and Valet Both the exhaust pipes were filthy,
Although they cleaned up well, I think I'll be looking for a new backbox, with 4" pipes rather than the standard 2.5"

That's all for now, I know its been a long time since the last update but there were no mods to my Celica as i had lost interest.

Also I <3 RWD ^_^


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