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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Dirty Work

As it wasn't raining today we took the dog down to the beach.
In the car park spotted this truly decked 180sx. was stickered up for 180sx.co.uk Looked sweet for a 15 year old car on stock wheels.
A set of works would have set this right off.

After going down the beach I thought it was about time to test the fitment of the SSR's on the Celica.

The car was proper dirty after a week of rain, I know this is no excuse.
When i got the front wheel on the fitment was looking tight probably stick a 5mm spacer in for good measure but happy with hows it sits.
The rear needs more attention. needs at least a 20mm spacer to get it looking Flush.
Then I'll dial the camber to about 2 degrees when its dropped. For some Proper fitment.
Happy Days.

Got the blue bolts test fitted too. As everything fits all that is left is paint and tyres
Exciting times!

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