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Friday, 11 September 2009

The Test Fit

This first post is relatively fruitless. My celica is still standard. My wheels are still craving the refurb they deserve and i still need tyres to get them on the car. Hopeless.
But all is not terrible. I have finally decided on a colour scheme for the car.
SSR Type C 16*8j are tyreless and without paint in my house at the minute a sorry state. Soon to be Bin-Man Jacket yellow. so the neighbors will probably love that.
also after trawling the internet i still cant find a set of coil-overs for my gen 7 Celica. do people not know there's a recession on? get your suspension on eBay....
anyway thats about it for now. will post some influential cars/setups when i get the time and effort to.

also my thoughts go out to everyone affected by 9/11 8 years ago.


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