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Friday, 3 December 2010

Civic EL?!

What's happening everyone? It's Mike here, Pip has given me the right to post on The Fitment Collective since he's away a lot. So let's get started!

The weather has been real bad here lately so I've been trawling forums and blogs hunting out some inspiration for winter rebuilds. There's so many savage cars out there, people are doing it right all over the place. I could have posted thousands of cars on this blog but this one really stood out (thanks to http://www.stancenation.com/). "But it's a civic!" you may say...yes it is. "There's nothing I wont have seen before that anyone could do to a civic!" you may say...don't be so sure.

This here is a 96-00 Civic but with a twist. It's had an Acura EL front end fitted. That's an Acura only available in Canada and this civic is representing the maple leaves big time. It resides in Toronto and I bet it breaks necks everywhere it rolls on those polished CCWs in 16x8.5 et 12 fitment. If you think they're awesome, just check out that tucked bay too!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Mike - TFC

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