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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I've been busy.

I haven't posted on here in a long time. I have been a little busy. I'm now a proud father and a Home owner. (With garage!)

A few cars have passed through my hands since the last post.
I moved from the Air'd TT to a Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo R. which if you are from Europe is a JDM Mitsubishi Outlander with the Evo 7 GTA Running gear. 4G63 engine and a semi-auto gearbox. 1 of only 50 officially imported by Xtreme when the car was new.
Fitted Evo 9 wheels from a rally companty which had been removed from an Evo 9 new. put some Yokohama Advan V105s tyres on, these were recomended by Revolution Motorsport in Gateshead. Also bought a host of Evolution parts to up the power; front mount intercooler, TD05HRA Turbo, Injectors, Evo 6 intake as the injectors are small on the Airtrek and HKS downpipe. . .
Sadly I sold the car without fitting any of those parts and they returned to eBay and the Forums they came from.

I then purchased a Land Rover Discovery 300tdi Auto which was also a Japanese import this time not for rarity or spec but for lack of Rust. UK models have seen a lot of miles and a lot of poor weather, the model I bought was solid underneath and already had some goodies for playing off road,
I kept this car for around 6 months, and it served me well, a few big off road days out and I was hooked on mud again.

Time for an upgrade! Which takes us to my current vehicle a 200tdi Land Rover Defender.
I bought this from a local(ish) dealer who was selling it spares or repair as it was taken in as part-ex.
Not the prettiest of things when I bought it but the potential was there. I quickly fixed the few parts required to get the car sorted in the short time till its next MOT.

I removed the awful bull bar from the front and upgraded the wheel and tyre size right away,
Sanded back any panels that needed attention. Re-moved all the chequer plate painted them black and sanded off the raised pattern then cleared them.
Went down to a local auto paint suppliers to get some recommendations for a hard paint for the car. He said a synthetic paint would be hard wearing and easy to roller on, not requiring any thinners or clear coat on top.

after painting the car I've fitted a few parts which I will stick in a proper build thread when I get the time. This will be an ongoing daily/project to play offroad and haul a trailer if needs be. As the new house has a garage I have the space and facilities to have a more adventurous build. I have more than a few ideas floationg around about what to build. Once the garage is in order, I'll get myself a base car, something road legal but for track days/hillclimbs.

I will be updating more often now I have the time.

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